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Sefarađizo סאראיז

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לה סירינה

La Serena

The Siren | The Moon

לה סירינה, | Ḷạ Sẹˈṛẹnạ | The Siren or The Moon, also known as אן לה מאר האי אונה ט׸ | Én ḷạ Mạṛ Hay ˈỤnạ ˈTọṛ͡ṛe | En la Mar Hay Una Torre In the Sea there is a Tower, is a Sephardic רמאנסה | ṛọˈmạnsạ | romance.

In Ladino, where the phonemes /i/ and /e/ were formerly both written with the letter ⟨י⟩ “yod”, the title of the song can be read either as לה סירנה | Ḷạ Sˈṛẹnạ | La Sirena The Siren — from the Greek Σειρήν, a mythological creature who lured sailors to shipwreck with her enchanting voice; or as לה סרנה | Ḷạ Sˈṛẹnạ | La Serena The Moon — from the Greek Σελήνη, the goddess of the moon.

In this poetic song, a moonstruck sailor sees the milky reflection of the moon on the sea as a tower, with the moon itself as a window in the top of the tower, and imagines his beloved calling to him from the window.

In the early 20th century, some people enjoyed satirizing the verse that begins with סי לה מאר וארה ד לק׳ | Sị ḷạ mạṛ ˈfwẹṛạ dẹ ˈḷẹc͡hẹ | Si la mar fuera de leche If the sea were made of milk.

The melody is in the Phrygian scale.

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