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Sefarađizo סאראיז

Sephardic Association of Órgiva

לס ג׳ויס טניאן אלריה

Los Djudíos Tenían Alegría

The Jews Had Joy

לס ג׳ויס טניאן אלריה | Ḷọṣ Jụˈđịọṣ tẹˈnịạṇ ạḷẹˈğṛịạ | The Jews Had Joy is a song sung during the Purim Festival.

The melody is in the key of C-sharp Jewish. In this arrangement by David ben Or, the traditional melody has been modified to permit a stretto round for 4 voices at 2-beat intervals.

The lyrics are from Esther 8:16:

לוס ג׳ודﬞיאﬞוﬞס טיﬞניאן אליﬞגﬞריאﬞה, דיﬞליﬞײטיﬞ, ריﬞגמיסײוֽﬞן, אﬞי אﬞיﬞסטימה.
| Ḷọṣ Jụˈđịọṣ tẹˈnịạṇ ạḷẹˈğṛịạ, dẹˈḷẹytẹ, ṛẹğmịˈsỵọn, ẹsˈtịmạ. |
The jews had joy, delight, redemption, and esteem.

Just as in the traditional Sephardic rendition of שִירַת הַיָּם | S͡hịˈṛạt͡h hạˈYàm | The Song of the Sea from Exodus 15:1..18, this song, despite the Israelites' joy at evading genocide, is sung languidly in memory of the deaths of many of their assailants.

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