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Sephardic Association of Órgiva

מַה־יָפֶה הַיוֹם

Mah-Yafeh Hayom

How Beautiful It Is Today

מַה־יָפֶה הַיוֹם | Mạh-yàˈfèh hạˈyọm | How Beautiful It Is Today is a בְּרָכָה | bəṛàˈk͡hàh | blessing often sung as a welcoming song before Shabbat services.

This song in the Jewish scale was composed by Issachar Miron (1920..2015), born Stefan Michrovsky, the eminent Polish-American composer, educator, filmmaker, and photographer.

In this SATB arrangement by David ben Or, the alto carries the melody throughout the piece, and in each section the other voices enter one bar apart on nearby tones. Near the end of the piece, a darkening of the mood by an incursion of a diminished chord is quickly repulsed, as if to remind us that keeping Shabbat is an act of will.

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(PDF) Sephardic Association of Órgiva, Granada, Andalusia, Spain 2018.11.18 English edition

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