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Sefarađizo סאראיז

Sephardic Association of Órgiva



Return Us

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Return us, return us,
Eternal1, toward you2,
and we will return,
and we will return!
Renew for us the days
as of old3!

1 הַשֵׁם | haˈS͡hém |, literally the Name, refers to G!d.

2 ׿ירס׿ טי | ˈvẹṛsọ tị | toward you signifies on the path of just behavior.

2 אנטא׶וﬞ | ạnˈtạn͡ỵọ | of old signifies before the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia in 586 BCE. Sephardic Association of Órgiva, Granada, Andalusia, Spain 2019.07.07 English edition

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