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Sefarađizo סאראיז

Sephardic Association of Órgiva

טרס רמאניקאס

Tres Germanicas

Three Little Sisters

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Three little sisters they were;
 —whites of rose and boughs of flower— 
three little sisters they were;
three little sisters they are.

The two were already married;
 —whites of rose and boughs of flower— 
the two were already married;
the one went astray.

Her father, with shame;
 —whites of rose and boughs of flower— 
her father, with shame
to Rhodes sent her.

In the middle of the road;
 —whites of rose and boughs of flower— 
in the middle of the road,
a castle for her he built

of tiny stone;
 —blancas de rosa y ramas de flor— 
of tiny stone,
smooth lime all around.

Windows he made high;
 —whites of rose and boughs of flower— 
windows he made high,
so that a boy could not climb up.

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