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Sefarađizo סאראיז

Sephardic Association of Órgiva


Coro Sefarađizo Rehearsals

This week we are proiding two Sefarađizo Choir rehearsals, due to the upcoming Tricultural Concert:

Monday, the 26th of November, 17:00..19:00

Tuesday, the 27th of November, 18:00..20:00


Date Un Respiro, Profesor Lora Tamayo, 1–1°, Órgiva
GPS 33.899183, –3.422645
(just north of the frame shop, north of the bus stop)

Everyone interested in learning to sing Sephardic songs is welcome to join us. There are no auditions, and no prior knowledge of Ladino, reading music, or singing is required.

All of the songs we will be singing in the concert are available on this website in the Music section.

Sephardic Association of Órgiva, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

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