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Sefarađizo סאראיז

Sephardic Association of Órgiva

Who we are

Sefarađizo is composed of people interested in reawakening, recovering, and celebrating the culture of the Sephardim, the Hebrew people who settled the Iberian Peninsula before the Muslim conquest of 711, and were expelled, tortured, and killed after the Catholic conquest of 1492. The exiles have preserved the Sephardic culture in communities throughout the rest of the Mediterranean region, northern Europe, and Latin America. Nevertheless, it took more than 500 years until it began to be reimported here.

The name סאראיז ‘Sefarađizo’, is derived from the Ladino words סארא ‘Sefarađ’ (“Spain”) and פאראיז ‘Parađizo’ (“Paradise”).

Sephardic Association of Órgiva, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

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